Sellers' Market Cooling

I'm sure everyone has heard the news over the last 6 months that the Austin real estate market (and many others around the country) has been extraordinarily hot.

Stories of sellers getting 50 offers on the day they list, and stories of buyers having to offer $100,000 over asking with appraisal and inspection waived are fading into (recent) history.

It is still a sellers' market, though.

Roughly two weeks of inventory in Austin proper, and about 3 weeks in the MSA. For reference, a "balanced market" carries about 6 months of inventory. I say all of this to indicate that if you've been thinking of selling - now may be the perfect time.

The overall market has risen by 40% year-over-year, it is still very much a sellers market, and if you price accurately, you can still count on multiple offers and getting under contract within a few days.

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