Invest in Austin

Real Estate Investing in Austin

According to PWC, Austin is the #1 place for real estate investment in the USA. See this article for the details.One of the main reasons I got into real estate, other than enjoying helping my friends and family find their dream homes, is to eventually begin investing in real estate in Central Texas. My initial goal is to buy 4-5 rental homes that will cash flow a little bit now, mainly for reserves for repairs and improvements. I would like to have them on 15 year notes, which would have them paid-for when my wife and I are about 65 years old, and ready to retire. This should provide us with that "mailbox money" that everyone wants in their retirement years. We have our traditional 401k investments, and this would provide a third income stream to help us have a fun lifestyle in our retired years (social security, 401k and real estate). It will also provide a running business that our daughter can inherit when we're gone (or she can take over when she's ready and grow it!). If this sounds appealing to you, too, reach out and let's talk!