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Making Big Moves

After a 30-year long career in IT, I've made the decision to make #realestate my full time job. I have been doing it on weekends and evenings, helping friends and family over the last 5 years, and I'm ready and I'm excited!

I'm planning to get my Broker's license this summer, which is kind of like a promotion in real estate. Brokers control and are responsible for transactions and agents. Agents represent the brokerage and their clients. As part of applying, I had to make a list of every closed transaction I've done, and I've logged 32 transactions worth nearly $16M over those 5 years, so Jimi's question: Yes. I'm experienced. I also currently work under Rose & Associates Properties, and my broker Sean has logged thousands of transactions over the last 20+ years, so if you work with me, you get him as a bonus. :-D

If you're curious what your home is worth, or you're looking for an investment/vacation home, or just want to catch up, please hit me up! Thanks for following - and I always have time for you and your referrals - that's the highest compliment!