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Historic refinance rates - the window has closed

There are few good things about this Global Pandemic - I'm definitely OVER IT. However, if you have a mortgage, the last few months have been the best time in history to refinance. All my mortgage broker friends have been SWAMPED (and I know some great ones - hit me up!). But Fannie & Freddie will start charging 0.5% for Refis on September 1st - see this Axios Article for why. However, if you're buying a home, the extra fee won't apply, so these historically low rates still apply to you if you're moving!

Another, possible, long-term benefit of Covid-19 may be the move towards remote work for many information workers. This opens up a world of possibilities for those who can work from anywhere. If you could live anywhere, perhaps a larger home (with TWO home offices??) would be nice? A pool? Bigger lot, lower taxes, better weather? What would make you move, and could you save big money doing it? Maybe so - hit me up if you'd like to look at your options.

I'm always here if you or a friend/family member wants to talk about real estate!