Cross-Continental Closing

This is a story about some clients of mine, written in part by ChatGPT! I wanted to dip my toe in the AI waters, and here is the result. "Printed" with my clients' permission.

John and Chelsea were a couple with a shared dream: to find a place they could call home, both in Austin, Texas, and Nairobi, Kenya. They were first-time homebuyers, navigating the daunting process with a mix of excitement and trepidation. Their unique situation required them to split their time between two continents, and they needed a home that could accommodate their nomadic lifestyle while also serving as a source of income through short-term rentals (STR).

Their search was filled with challenges, from finding a property that met their specific needs to handling the logistics of signing closing paperwork from thousands of miles away. That's where I came in. As their agent, I was determined to make their dream a reality.

After weeks of searching, we finally found the perfect home: a charming bungalow in East Austin with a beautiful backyard and a cozy feel, ideal for short-term rentals. It ticked all the boxes, but there was one hurdle left to overcome: closing the deal from Nairobi.
As we delved into the closing process, we hit a roadblock. The lender required all paperwork to be signed at the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi to be considered valid, but the next available appointment was weeks after our scheduled closing date.

Panic threatened to set in as John and Chelsea faced the possibility of their dream slipping away.
Refusing to let them down, I tapped into my network of contacts and pulled every string I could. After a flurry of phone calls and emails, I managed to secure an expedited appointment at the embassy. Relief washed over John and Chelsea as they realized their dream was still within reach.
With the appointment secured, we raced against the clock to ensure everything was in order for the closing. Documents were emailed back and forth between continents, and I worked tirelessly to coordinate with the embassy, lender and title company to ensure a smooth process.

Finally, the day of the closing arrived. John and Chelsea went to their appointment at the embassy in Nairobi, paperwork in-hand, as I stood by in Austin, ready to guide them through the final steps. With a sense of anticipation hanging in the air, the last of the papers were signed and notarized, funds were wired, and they were officially homeowners.
As the ink dried, a wave of joy swept over them. They had done it. Against all odds, they had found their perfect home and closed the deal from halfway across the world.

This past weekend they arrived in Austin, daughter in-tow, and they began their new chapter, filled with adventure, love, and the comfort of knowing they had a place to call home on both sides of the globe.