Real Estate Ladder

Climbing "the ladder" to a comfortable retirement

Use a strategy I call "the ladder" for retirement income.

What if you could make five-figures (or more) per year, tax-free, in your retirement? It's possible using a strategy I call The Ladder. Here's how it works. Each year you purchase one rental property. Between now and your retirement, you have a tenant in your property that covers your mortgage and a reserve. Ideally you also have some cash flow, but for the purposes of this strategy, that isn't necessary. To illustrate, let's assume your properties average $250,000 in current value and you're 15 years away from retiring.

15 years from now, you're property should be worth $378,000, assuming 3% appreciation. If you put 20% ($50,000) down to acquire the property, you would owe approximately $138,000 on your initial 30 year mortgage. That gives you equity of $240,000. At this point, you could do a cash-out refinance at 80% Loan-to-Value, of $190,000. Assuming you include your $138,000 remaining loan balance, you can "withdraw" nearly $60,000 of equity in the form of a loan, which isn't taxed. Obviously, this includes a lot of assumptions, and you should check with your tax adviser for your individual situation.

Not a bad boost to your retirement income! If you repeat this strategy each year, you can add some serious buying power to your other retirement income sources. This approach just gets better if you can find a deal that breaks-even (or better) on a 15-year initial note!

If you're interested in looking seriously at this, please reach out! I'm happy to work with you to find your first deal.